What Small Business Web Server Is Right for My Business

What Small Business Web Server Is Right for My Business?


If it takes too long for your small business website to load, you may lose customers and it may be time to consider whether you are using the right webserver.

You have to express your value proposition for 10 seconds or less. If visitors aren’t hooked early, they’ll probably sail away. You have even less time on mobile devices; if the page does not load within 3 seconds, according to Google research, 53 percent of mobile users would click away from a website.

What’s more, the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab has found that its reputation will be influenced by the ease of use .In short, with your website, you have one opportunity to make a good first impression and the hosting you choose can make all the difference of the website, which can determine whether or not a customer does business with you. There are a variety of hosting options available and many small business owners can be overwhelming in choosing the right one.

We’ll walk you through the various hosting choices and explain what you need to know about web servers to help you decide what is right for your small or medium-sized business (SMB).


Choosing the Right Host

What Small Business Web Server Is Right for My Business

A server can store several websites, or store just one. Your firm’s distinct needs decide whether you need a shared or dedicated server.If you’re considering a dedicated small business web server, you’ll need to know how much server maintenance you’re prepared to do and, more importantly, how secure your server and network will be in managing.

The fact is, most SMB owners do not have the time or training required to maintain servers or to handle security on website. For those business owners, delegating the technical side of hosting and website maintenance to a company with established expertise in this area is much simpler.Unless you have a very high traffic website, it is unlikely you will need a web server dedicated to that. You can instead benefit from the benefits that come with shared hosting — including lower costs.

You will be able to upload things to servers with uniform File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with shared hosting, and back up your website offline. Plus, in the event of an outage, you will not have to worry about maintaining the server’s operating system, managing network firewalls or connecting backup power.

Your Hosting Options

What Small Business Web Server Is Right for My Business?

Hosting choices vary widely so you really want to understand what’s out there before you make your choice. We have done the research for you, to save you time. Below is the basic information you need to learn about the big hosting options.One of the big drawbacks of free hosting is that it doesn’t require a custom domain to be used. You will instead be given a URL that is connected to the domain of the host.

The free domain will come with free email, but likewise the email address will use the domain of the hosting provider and not a custom business domain. Ultimately, that makes the company look less qualified.What’s more, free hosting services usually don’t provide any technical support, meaning that if something happens to your site or if you have tech questions, you’re on your own. Free hosting provides no assurances regarding availability, performance and uptime of the website.

Finally, with free hosting, there will be limitations on what you can do with your site because there will be a limited amount of storage space available. Of example, if you want a website that contains videos and high-resolution images, or is made up of a large number of pages, you’ll probably face free hosting roadblocks.

Dedicated Hosting

What Small Business Web Server Is Right for My Business

Dedicated hosting offers all the resource management and value-added services that come with shared hosting, together with one additional benefit. Your website files must stay on their own server with a dedicated host which ensures they will not share space with other business websites.

The biggest pro of dedicated hosting is that it will ensure your website’s performance. But this option also comes with a considerable con: it costs more than shared hosting. So unless you’ve got a high traffic website, you’re unlikely to need it.

Keep in mind that as your website traffic rises and your business needs change, you can always speak to your hosting provider about switching from shared hosting services to dedicated ones.

Do You Need a Dedicated Server?


As an SMB, having a dedicated server might sound ideal. You won’t be sharing space with your own server and you won’t have to worry about slowing things down on other people’s websites or making your bandwidth usage reduce your internet capacity. High-volume websites, such as busy eCommerce sites or large-readership online publications are the exception.

Self-hosting your SMB’s dedicated server can be risky. Everything depends on you, including the availability and security of your website. Plus, you’ll have to take care of maintenance, upgrades and patches for its operating system. Unmaintained and patched servers can easily become vulnerable to hackers who might attempt to disable your website or even steal customer information.

If you choose to host and run your own dedicated website server, steps must be taken to protect sensitive information — if you protect financial records, Customer information, or intellectual property of your own. If your business is subject to regulations such as PCI-DSS or HIPAA, you will need to ensure that your server is secured so that you can protect yourself against possible liability and regulatory fines.

Eventually, you’ll need to reserve enough bandwidth for high-traffic times with a self-hosted server. If your site receives substantial traffic during certain seasons or if you receive unwanted ads that will bring traffic to your site, you’ll need to have enough network resources to keep your site up and running during these periods of high demand.

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