The Necessity of Website Backups

The Necessity of Website Backups


There is no such technology as yet discovered that can predict the future. And we humans can not accurately predict what will happen next. Our best bet at the moment is to have a contingency plan for any situation; and this applies to our company as well as to our website.

There are multiple solutions for securing and keeping our business website secure. Some of them hold strong passwords, have the site’s best web host, top-notch antivirus and malware protection, SSL certificate, etc. But the ‘ Website Backups ‘ are the best and most foolproof among them.

It is one solution to many of the issues that a perfectly functioning website can present. And clearly you don’t want to lose all of your website files forever. It can happen with a lot of people who neglect the backup function of the websites. But there are many reasons why frequently backing up your website is the best way to get a peaceful nightly sleep.


Guard against hackers



The Necessity of Website Backups

Hackers are a type of impartial human species. We have no whitelist of domains they’re never going to hack. Therefore, finding your website safe from them will be foolish .. Hacking takes place for a myriad of reasons, such as stealing sensitive information about users, replacing data with malicious content or ads, redirecting people to other pages, etc.

Hackers often do this to prove themselves, or just for fun! Many competent and powerful hackers, including firewalls, malware, and SSL, can also get through other security measures. Hence, a backup becomes a sure way to restore your website to its best working condition after a hacker has messed it up.


Wrong Updates

The Necessity of Website Backups

Websites have so many components including plugins, files, themes, and software. They are getting updates on a regular basis but may not always go as planned. It may turn out to be incompatible with the website, or the website files may be corrupted in which case the entire website may go down. In fact, it can be difficult and time consuming to pinpoint the exact trigger or damaged data. A backup of a website is a quick and sure solution to such a problem. It must be done each time before performing an update.


Malware and Viruses

The Necessity of Website Backups

Not only are personal computers but websites easily exposed to maliciously coded files such as malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, viruses, etc. Once again, good firewall and anti-malware security arrangements can save the day, but sometimes they aren’t enough. These bugs can access storage of your website files via any route; third party applications, plugins, themes, or other files may be infected

Even after it is  deleted, a  website infected with one of these malevolent files can never be assured free, as it can also make multiple copies of itself and then attack again. Thus, only a backup remains a genuinely clean copy of the website that can be relied on and restored.


Hardware failures

The Necessity of Website Backups

Websites may also go offline often due to a server failure or a hard disk crash which can result in complete website data lost. These issues are inherently dangerous because there will be no foreground signs; they can literally arivse at any unexpected time and will leave you totally helpless even to recover. Physical damage to the equipment for data storage is also sufficient to bring down the website. Other such problems can be power outages, power surges or other server electrical failures.


Continuous Revenue System

The Necessity of Website Backups

Those who make money from their websites have yet another excuse to backup their websites periodically. It serves as a reliable source of income for them. We should always ensure that their websites are up and running or that even a couple of minutes of downtime will lead to a large monetary loss. Most of the other ideas take a great deal of time to get carried out. On the other hand, it takes only a few minutes to restore a website backup. Thus, it can save loads of time and avert money loss.

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