Instant deployment worldwide

Founded in 2015 With Speed in Mind

Empower developers and businesses by simplifying the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced cloud platform.

Our Data-Center Locations

Strategically located in 16 datacenters around the globe and provides frictionless provisioning of public cloud, dedicated and single-tenant bare metal.

Enterprise Security & 100% SSD Platform

Offers a standardized highly reliable high performance cloud compute environment in our 16 Locations


Seattle Data Center


Sydney Data Center


Singapore Data Center


Tokyo Data Center


Silicon Valley Data Center


Los Angeles Data Center


Dallas Data Center


Miami Data Center


Atlanta Data Center


Chicago Data Center


New Jersey Data Center


Toronto Data Center


London Data Center

United Kingdom

Amsterdam Data Center


Frankfurt Data Center


Paris Data Center


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The hardware platform hosting your compute instances is designed with stability as a primary goal.

Security-first Mindset

Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard.

Expert Hosting Support

Our Customer Care team is among the highest-rated support squads online, fast, multi-skilled and helpful.

Boost performance with our 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD platform.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Solid-state drives

300% Faster, a RAID 10 disk configuration provides maximum speed & data protection.

Activate in minutes, online 24x7

Unrivaled power, low latency and high performance... because seconds count.

Feature-rich control panel

To make your life that much easier, all of our packages include the best control panel combo in the business.

Powerful infrastructure

Our infrastructure ensures you receive the reliable hosting you deserve, keeping your VPS online for your customers.

100% SLA guaranteed

We work with industry leaders like Intel and AMD to continually evaluate & upgrade our Infrastructure

16 low latency locations

As you grow, have peace of mind that your host will grow with you. Upgrade RAM and storage in under 1 minute.


Activate in seconds. Online 24x7

As soon as you click deploy, Hyper-Cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your instance in your desired datacenters – typically within 60 seconds.

Free Migration

Our experts will migrate one existing website quickly, seamlessly and free of charge.

Security-first Mindset

Constant security monitoring and prevention is our standard.