6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans


Every business starts with the ambition of growing big from scratch. To promote and expand their business, they launch a website. In the beginning, their website are  easy and requires fewer resources.

Based on their hard work, competitiveness, and ambitions, a time will come when their website will work at the height of their capabilities and may need an update. The trick for the businesses is to pick the right time to upgrade their hosting plans.

Too early upgrading can result in futile spending on money, while a late upgrade can result in many potential customers and site traffic losing out. Below are the points to consider to ease the uncertainty & worries upgrade and pick a higher package at the right time:

1.Too much downtime

7 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

Websites will stay up and online all the time in order to communicate with potential clients. Building trust in them through its performance and reliability is crucial. Some downtime is due to a sudden spike in website traffic in a short span that can’t be handled by the company, such a problem can be a big one for e-commerce websites as they can lose many potential customers and sales.


2.Inadequate Security features

6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

Officially, security features are the least in shared hosting. Therefore websites here are the most likely to hack and other cyber-attacks. If your website gathers sensitive information about users and/or allows financial transactions, then website protection should be a top priority.

Higher hosting plans will give you better safety features and greater control over them. If you are worried about the Website’s current security arrangements, go ahead and update your hosting package.


3.Fewer resources

6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

It is highly likely that the current resources for your website may not be sufficient to operate it after some time. Shared hosting plans only provide the basic features necessary for handling small websites.

Features such as HDD space, RAM capacity, and website backups etc. may not handle the website traffic boom or the need to add more website pages, functionalities. A higher plan will give you more of those features as well as the power to choose the capacity / configuration.


4.Slow website speed

6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

The pace of the website is the first impression that potential customers get about your business. Hence, either staying or leaving for a competing company becomes an important factor for them. When loading your website takes longer than two seconds, first test factors such as heavy graphics, needless plug-ins, bad theme etc. If any of them are not responsible for the slow speed, particularly in the day’s peak time, then it may be appropriate to upgrade the hosting plan.

Higher plans such as VPS or dedicated hosting offer greater flexibility and control over your website operations, which may be useful especially if your company is planning a big weekend activity, festivals etc.


5.Increase in traffic

Having more website traffic is associated with every business ‘ goals to expand into a bigger business. If website traffic is steadily increasing, it is positive news, but there is a limit to the allowance of a shared traffic hosting program, which can typically be 10000 visitors per day.


6.Customization needs

6 Reasons to Upgrade your Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plan provides basic features that are the same for all websites and in that no customizations can be made. However various websites have different needs and are through at different paces. If you want more control over your website operation  features you need to upgrade your hosting plan. VPS offers some degree of control, whereas the dedicated plan will give you total control over customization.

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