5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Resolutions

Is an opportunity for your company to acquire fresh perspectives.

• Helps you decide where the company came from and where you want it to go.

• Will encourage you to move your goals forward.

Business Resolutions

• Make sure that your actions match your vision of the company.

• Let you make tangible milestones.

• Help you to reach your 2020 and beyond business goals.

Millions of Americans now make their New Year’s resolutions, from dieting to exercise. Sadly, within 30 days, 80 per cent of them will fail and only eight per cent will achieve their goals.

You may be afraid to set professional targets for your company in 2020 based on these bleak figures – but don’t be. Setting business goals will keep you focused on the tasks at hand and inspired for what you want to achieve in the months ahead and after.
Here are a few suggestions:

1.Create realistic goals

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Resolutions

Having big goals is fantastic but starting out thinking low. If over too many years you have too many goals you may feel overwhelmed. SMART should be your targets specific, observable, achievable, important and timely.
You may, for example, update your business plan, improve your online marketing campaign to attract more visitors to the website.
Setting objectives can result in success, not stress. You’ll stay calm, inspired and focused on your business objectives by keeping targets practical.

2. Write your goals down.

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Resolutions

You are more likely to meet your targets by more than 40 per cent if you write them down. This method will allow you to be clear on your priorities and build an actionable, tangible road map.
Publishing your targets will raise the bottom line, too. A recent study of MBA graduates showed that the three percent of MBA graduates who wrote down their ambitions made ten times as much as the other combined 97 percent.

3.Create a goal plan with action steps.

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Resolutions

Add small steps to your target course, and make significant steps throughout the year.
Here are suggestions for transforming goals into actionable targets:

  • Determine the desired result.
    You may want to create a website to attract more customers. Specify how many new customers you want to earn, and how your website will help you achieve this objective.
  • Summarize action steps.
    Which behavior would you take to build your web site? Two steps could be to pick a domain name for your website and choose a website hosting provider that understands your dream.
  • Develop a timeline
    Align each phase of the operation with a deadline. Each action should be given priority with ample time to complete them. This will keep the steps of action high on your mind and drive you toward your target.
    Track your progress with milestones

Tracking your progress regularly is a key component of running a small business, and being your own boss. It means you stay focused, reach your deadlines and achieve your goals in the end.

4. Tell someone about your goals.

When you share your ambitions with someone you trust, such as a business partner, loyal friend or mentor, you’re more likely to achieve them
Telling your expectations to others increases your transparency, enables you to gain new insights, helps you get feedback and promotes employee engagement in achieving your business goals.
Keep in mind that it is OK to change the goals once every three to six months. Doing this lets you get the most out of your company and keeps the journey exciting and rewarding

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